Light Falls Forward


Light Falls Forward have somewhat flourished since swapping the capital for Bristol. They’ve grown from a duo into an eight-piece and developed a unique style of folk, influenced by the greats such as Joni Mitchell, Laura Veirs and Bjork.

Their music is laced with orchestral elements, something which has come into its own during the third EP ‘Sleeptalking’. Arguably their most accomplished release, the songs are dreamy and emotional, a trait that shines vividly during live shows around the city. Notching up attention in the right places, the band have now delved into another project in taking over Firebird Studios; a well-established rehearsal space in Bristol.

This will undoubtedly only benefit the already heavily-involved nature of these artists, and go far in enhancing their own sound.

Stream ‘Sleeptalking’ in full right here: