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Yeah, sorry about this… it’s another awesome band from Iceland, but I shouldn’t be apologising.

Nóra traces its roots back to a dark garage on the west side of Reykjavik where brother and sister Egill Viðarsson (vocals, guitar) and Auður Viðarsdóttir (vocals, keyboards) started making music back in 2006, along with Hrafn Fritzson on bass and drummer Bragi Páll Sigurðarson and guitar/mandolin/whatever-ist Frank Arthur Blöndahl Cassata.

With the band stating such diverse influences including Radiohead, Bob Dylan, TV on the Radio, The Mars Volta, Pixies, Converge, Roy Orbison and Neil Young, there’s no surprise in the unique and experimental nature of their tracks . Nóra’s members are multi-instrumentalists by nature, and their ability to adapt and adsorb has lead to a fascinating approach to song-writing The result is an odd fusion of electronica and folk, all sewn into a richly organic and glacially epic package. Their track ‘Hreinsun’ is featured on ‘Made In Iceland 6’, and sounds like an Icelandic supergroup featuring Sigur Ros and Bjork covering an ‘In Rainbows’ album track, so exciting things are surely on the horizon.