Salt Cathedral


Hailing now from Brooklyn, this new five piece is a triumph of carefully balanced influences. Growing up in Canada, Columbia, Florida and New Jersey, they formed in Boston last year, toured their way to LA, and finally moved to New York.

In addition to the rather overwhelming cartography skills required to track this band down, they have yet more dark secrets waiting to be revealed.

Salt Cathedral were formed after the collapse of Il Abanico after a rather special set of shows at SXSW 2012 so if you recognise the rather stunning vocals, underground music points for you.

Beautifully combining elements most of your favourite bands, its hard not to fall in love with debut track “Take Me To The Sea”.

The stripped back eerie allure of the XX, the delicate tessellating guitars of Foals, and the sweeping reverb drenched majesty of Warpaint. You are going to love this band, we promise.