Silent Sleep

silent sleepAfter including ‘We’ve Fallen Out Again’ in Noisebleed a few weeks back, it feels only fitting to introduce you to Christopher McIntosh, a man better know as Silent Sleep.

Residing in Liverpool (via a stint in Europe) he successfully pledge-funded his full-length ‘Walk Me To The Sea’ this year, and following a recording session in Old Blighty that drew a line under a string of Berlin-recorded EPs, released it last month on DIY label and all-round underground enthusiasts RekordMeister.

Melancholic yet warm, Silent Sleep is the sound of sincerity, wistfulness and beauty. He darts between bare and orchestral much like Sufjan Stevens, but with textures more akin to Beirut or Arcade Fire, while a pop sensibility makes the result something very Elbow, The Shins or even Ben Folds at times.

Steam ‘Walk Me To The Sea’ right here: