Us Baby Bear Bones


Introducing to you Us Baby Bear Bones, where the inseparable duo of Daisy Emily Warne and Puff Gandolfo join forces with fellow multi-instrumentalist Luke Phillips to create eerie yet joyful dream-pop.

They’ve already made quite a name for themselves in their Brighton HQ, with their ever evolving live performances and bizarre online media, but with a new release and a seemingly endless flow of creative ideas, now looks to be their time.

The new EP, ‘What Starts With A U Ends With An I’ is out on Love Thy Neighbour this June, led by the darkly brilliant ‘Mountains’ for which their self-directed, kaleidoscopic video caught our eye just this month.

Etherial vocal layers breathe over spindly notes and a filthy 6/8 to add some much needed bottle to the dream-pop genre, though for the most part more akin to Bjork, Portishead or Fever Ray than their blogosphere contemporaries.

Check it out right here: