26th November | Trinity

With her debt album, Jade Bird already out this year, Jade Bird has undoubtedly made quite an impression in the music world of 2019.

Landing at Barn On The Farm this year and touring extensively, her history has been richly engrossed in a wealth of collaborations, such as opening for First Aid Kit and touring with American country singer, Brent Cobb in 2017. Sounding like a husky KT Tunstall, mixed with a hardcore Dolly Parton, Jade Bird has a particular ability to write and perform songs that sit between the classic love songs and the great country ballads. She plays upon the stereotypical ideals of women in adverts in her feminist lyrics.

Take the lyrics from ‘Good Woman’ from her Something American EP from 2017: “What all do you take me for? Oh, what are you thinking? She’s cheaper than a dollar store version of me” Or the hit ‘Uh Huh’: “She asks you if you love her, and you nod and say, ‘uh huh.'” Jade Bird is anything but a stereotype herself; she is a powerful punch-packing singer and a songwriter with a hell of a sound that’s going to resound at The Trinity. Uh Huh.

See the video for ‘Uh Huh’ here: