2nd June | Colston Hall

James Bay visits the Colston Hall on 2nd June in support of his second album, Electric Light. He arrived in 2014, long-haired and hat wearing, with ‘Hold Back the River,’ a crowd-pleasing anthem which showcased his strong vocals and immense talent. A string of well-received loud blues-pop singles followed from his debut release, Chaos and the Calm.

After a gap of two years, James Bay returned in early 2018 with ‘Wild Love.’ Gone, are the trademark hats, long hair and effervescent loud blues sound from his debut album. In its place, he’s favoured a sleeker image in sync with the more nuanced sound of Electric Light. This well-planned and meticulous skin-shedding has exposed Bay in a vulnerable light, which sees him dabble with the ever-popular electronic pop sound within a multi-faceted album which very much goes against the grain of Chaos and the Calm.

Bay’s large appeal, stage presence, talent and all-round likeability have secured him a legion of fans with the aforementioned ‘Hold Back the River’ and ‘If You Ever Want to be in Love’ cemented in the sing-along psyche. An anticipated set list for his Colston Hall appearance features the classics from the hat-wearing era, alongside beauties such as 2018’s ‘Pink Lemonade.’ Bay is a crowd-pleaser and it will be interesting to see how he blends his past and present into a cohesive sound, which will no doubt captivate his burgeoning fan base.

See the video for ‘Pink Lemonade’ here: