Jamie Cruickshank // Photoset

February 5th | Exchange

All is well with the world when Jamie Cruickshank picks up a guitar. Whatever the emotion within the song, you know it’s a recognisable human moment, captured by an acute observer of life’s ups and downs. We’ve all lived in ‘Loserville’ at some point in our lives, so the melancholy strikes as comforting recognition. His voice has a quiet intensity. If you can’t see Totterdown, he’ll help you get there. All this was in evidence in droves at Exchange. The other thing you can guarantee from Jamie Cruickshank is excellent support and, hey presto! – Slonk and Benjamin Spike Saunders made this a Bristolian bonanza of a triple bill.

See Jamie Cruickshank play ‘I Can See Totterdown’ live and outdoors in Bristol here: