16th May | Thekla

On what felt like a perpetually rainy day back in October last year, Japanese Breakfast took to the stage in the foyer of Colston Hall as part of 2017’s Simple Things Festival. As the rain continued to fall outside, more and more people crowded around in a large huddle to gather their best view. What followed was a set that felt more suited for a small congregation. It was, nevertheless, effervescent, full of joy, sadness and those tender, little feelings in between, feelings coerced and weaved into ebullient songs by Michelle Zauner, who returns to Bristol¬†this Wednesday¬†for a long-anticipated headline show at Thekla.

Soft Sounds from Another Planet, Zauner’s last effort within this project, displayed a new sense of impressionistic confidence from the songwriter, gently transcending from melancholic and lyrically dark and emotional themes into something all together more experimental, at times futuristic and immediately poppy. Live, all these elements come to the fore; the beauty and love that stands within her first album, Pyschopomp, weaves within the evocative art of the former for something enlivening, contemplative and personal.

Zauner stands as an animated and expressive performer, and is able to consequently evoke all the feelings of her music into each place she plays, making each show feel like those aforementioned small moments in between.

See the video for ‘Boyish’ here: