23rd November | Thekla

It all started with a great opener. As soon as Cosmo Pyke graced the crowd with his velvety smooth jams and laid back lyrics, I was ready for a night of easy-indie songs which only Birmingham’s JAWS could provide.

When the floor is vibrating from the chants of excited fans before the show, you know it’s going to be a good night. So when the three-piece came on stage to their latest single ‘Just A Boy’, I wasn’t disappointed, and the swarm of fans on the deck below definitely weren’t either. Although, I had been hoping they’d come on to the Jaws theme tune if I’m honest…

If you’re into classic indie you’ll like this band, they’re not starting any revolutions within the genre, but that’s no reason to write them off. JAWS sure know how to produce good, solid songs. Playing a plethora of newbies fresh off of their latest record Simplicity, the likes of ‘Right In Front Of Me’ and ‘Cast’ to name a few, the band calmed everybody on the boat with they’re cool melodies paired with the melancholic tones of lead singer Connor Schofield.

Even after producing their first and second albums, and touring with a bunch of popular bands, JAWS still managed to keep things fresh. Their songs are great live, just as you’d expect, and although their nerves were evident at times, they more than made up for it with great tracks to spend your Wednesday night singing along to. It was the first night of the tour, so it’s understandable for there to be a little uneasiness. Onstage presence will definitely come with time, especially with the major confidence boost of having such a loyal following already.

This band definitely have the potential to be something great, and I’m excited to see what’s to come.

Have a listen to ‘Just A Boy’ below.