6th November | Fleece

In UK hip-hop, the name Jehst conjures up images of an elder statesmen, a member of the ‘old guard’, revered by anyone and everyone familiar with the scene. Let that not in the same breath, however, allow for the notion that Jehst is any way a relic, or past his prime. 

Tracks like ‘1979’ and ‘Alcoholic Author’ from his first full-length LP, Return of the Drifter, are as integral to the historical pillars of UK hip-hop as anything by the Task Force family or London Posse. What sets Jehst apart from these MCs though, is the intricate beauty of his prose. 

Through dedication to his craft, he has, over the last fifteen years, proved himself as the gold-standard for UK lyricism. With Dragon of an Ordinary Family (2011) and last year’s Billy Green Is Dead, expanded sonic palettes allowed for more refreshing, contemporary deliveries. Acting as minor reinventions, they were carried out with a conviction and artistry that ensured his place as a leading light for the genre. 

This will be enough to get any hip-hop heads reaching to their wallets for tickets to his show at the Fleece on Tuesday, but there is more. Bristol is going to be the first stop on this tour with a brand-new, full live band. Anyone who has seen hip-hop with live instrumentation will know of the unbridled excitement it stirs up in the crowd, and the fact that it is Jehst who will be spitting in the midst of it all is why all the tickets have already been sold. 

See the video to ‘So Far To Go’ here: