23rd July | SWX

Jenny Lewis has quite literally got everything under her belt: roles in films as a young child actress, a hefty back catalogue of albums from her various projects, including indie-rock band from the early millennium, Rilo Kiley, and let’s not forget about her short-lived project, Nice As Fuck. Although their time on this planet was brief, their sole album tells a different story – seductive and ambient hits which are best served with a sunset. It’s rare that Jenny Lewis tours the UK, let alone plays a show right on our doorstep, but to add to her ever-growing tally of belt notches she’s got a show at SWX to shout about.

Lewis released her fourth studio album, On The Line earlier this year. It was a somewhat new-age meets country affair, with single ‘Red Bull and Hennessy’ sounding like a Fleetwood Mac bootleg. ‘Do Di So’, on the other hand, is an epic exploration of space – grand synths and a groovy backbeat, all topped off with Beck’s backing vocals and immense production. I look forward to seeing her new material in the flesh (along with all her great stage costumes, of course).

Support will be coming from Dublin-based Slow Moving Clouds which I am so flipping excited for, fusing traditional Irish folk with rich string sections and soaring vocals. This night’ll be one to give you goosebumps at SWX next Tuesday.

See the video for ‘Red Bull & Hennessy’ here: