11th October | Rough Trade

Buzz is a hard thing to generate. In the over-populated landscape of modern music, standing out in the age of instant consumption, where a major-backed name can tank or an unassuming Soundcloud upload can create a word-of-mouth epidemic, is no easy task. It means the ‘correct way’ to go about forming a unique voice and gathering a fanbase seems as much luck as talent. South London’s Jerkcurb seems to be finding his own winning formula.

First, he’s been putting out consistently strong visual elements. The cover to his recent debut release, Air Con Eden, is vibrant pink and purple shades of watercolour pyschedelia, a picture that matches the slow, lucid music within. His music videos also show Jerkcurb’s will to experiment, with trippy flows of imagery (see the video for ‘Timelapse Tulip’), or understated self-portraits of an artist already leaking charisma (see the video for ‘Night on Earth’).

Second, Jerkcurb makes music that is at once familiar, the cosy leather jacket of singer-songwriter via indie, yet also insatiably, vibrantly, brand-new. His tracks are leisurely affairs: soulful vocals drawl in high registers, as subtle guitars take their time finding their way to the melodic hooks, supported by some dreamy, bedroom-pop-inspired production that makes innocuous moments sound cinematic.

As the buzz around Jerkcurb continues to build to a substantial hum, this may be one of the few times you’ll get to see this emerging personality, and incredibly talented musician, in such an intimate setting.

See the video for ‘Timelapse Tulip’ here: