16th November | Rough Trade

It would be an understatement to say Jennifer Clarke is on the rise this year. JGrrey has quietly emerged as a big player in a crowded genre. With the likes of Mahalia and Jorja Smith bringing the heat across the summer with their sizzling comeback singles, her approach has been different. The first song she dropped in January ‘Pretty Insane’ was a twinkly number where she offers a seamless transition between rapping and singing. As for the music video, the surreal depiction of a beautiful girl in devil horns leading a man into madness, while JGrrey throws shapes on an open-top bus, is oddly engaging.

Her EP Grreydaze was released in March, a collection of jazzy R&B songs that take the old-school approach. Now she is reaping the reward, as she has caught the attention of one of the biggest pop stars in the world: none other than Billie Eilish, whom she supported on tour earlier this year. Some could crave the emotional outro to ‘Feelings’ but others may be waiting for the dreamy notes of ‘Pretty Insane’ to land upon their ears. Scaling down to Rough Trade from the arena life with Billie Eilish may prove to the perfect tonic for JGrrey. That we do know, but will tickets still be available on the night? Now that’s a grey area.

See the video for ‘Dreaming Fool’ here: