Jimothy Lacoste // Live Review & Photoset

15th February | Thekla

Photos: Alesha Hickmans

Straight-legged Adidas trackies, odd trainers and the double jacket combo; it’s the perfect outfit for Gen-Z’s new it-boy. Shoulder-shuffling across the small stage at Bristol’s favourite boat-cum-club, Jimothy Lacoste has the entire crowd under his thumb. I’d hazard a guess they’re all first and second years at university, exercising their overactive jaws and organising the best time to share a cigarette under the harsh glow of the smoking area spotlights.

Finding fame with deadpan vocals and dance moves Drake will inevitably rip off in one of his next ‘Hotline Bling’ moments, Jimothy (since releasing ‘Getting Busy!’ 18 months ago he’s dropped the Lacoste) isn’t straightforward. Seeing him march cross the stage at Thekla, staring straight down the barrel of the Instagram lens, asking quite frankly, “Why you gotta do so many drugs?” it’s easy to believe he’s cracked the witty, self-conscious-without-being-a-drag code.

While images of early-Jeremy-Clarkson Top Gear, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and 80s prime-time adverts flicker across the back wall, he seems to cling to the youth of generations before him instead of looking at whatever bleak future lies ahead of him. As he screams into the crowd, “Let’s make some money!”, decked in wide, bedazzled sunglasses, it’s unclear whether his stacked irony is meant to be funny or not. Is he parodying himself?

Sonically, each track is built on a steady and simplistic lo-fi beat, chopped up with neon keyboard synthesisers and murmuring percussives. Treating his teen fandom to an on-the-day release, ‘Getting Burberry Socks’ saw Jimothy flex his tired, end-of-tour muscles with that low-key “I’m really not trying” style of dance. The crowd swam back and forth, teetering on their tip-toes to watch this twentysomething spin and pump his hips perfectly to the beat of his own drums.

“Jimothy you’re my future bae!” a girl screams from the front row, as the hi-hats tip and the lights get down low. ‘FUTURE BAE’ is a primary example of Jimothy’s appeal – layer upon layer of witty lyrics, earnestness and confusion in equal measure. This guy is operating on so many different levels of meta that thinking about it too hard can drive you head-first into a gaping black hole, unable to differentiate between sincerity and outright mockery ever again.

With imminent closure racing towards us, Jimothy chucked us down the rabbit hole of spinning synths with ‘I Can Speak Spanish’, arguably his most well-known, and without a doubt his most raucous performed live. The crowd shoved, shimmied and slammed into each other, shaking Thekla’s foundations to the core, and chanting back-and-forth as Jimothy grappled with girls’ hands, phones, and printed polaroids of himself in the front row.

Whatever we label him as, Jimothy Lacoste embodies gleeful abandon of responsibility. He takes the ‘millennial tropes’ of self-deprecation, deep irony and an ever-so-slight arrogance and put the onus on us. He’s able to take everything young people love (clothes, sex, money, hustling and hating the national rail service) and turn it into solid satirical gold.

See the video for ‘Getting Burberry Socks’ here: