15th February | Thekla

Life is getting quietly exciting; in less than a week’s time Jimothy Lacoste comes to Thekla. Tucked-in shirt, lovely cords or possibly some well-pressed, natty chinos, he’ll be the epitome of sartorial elegance, the high street brand dandy and the clown prince of happy-chap rap, flippant unhip-hop.

So let’s meet up and have some good times. The door staff will probably veto us bringing pizza in, but we can certainly congregate to listen to his cool rhymes. Informal buffet or no informal buffet, Jimothy Lacoste is making a name for himself for putting on joyous shows. “Do we have chemistry in this Universe?” is his question in ‘Future Bae’. One thing that can be guaranteed is that there will be an organic sense of ‘bonding’ on Friday night below decks.

He’s literally ‘made a name for himself’ too in calling himself Jimothy, as well as adopting the name of a classic tenniswear brand as a stage surname. It’s not like there’s a Mr and Mrs Lacoste who actually had a barney in the post-delivery ward – she wanted to call him Timothy, he wanted to call him Jeremy, so they did one of those relationship compromises where they went for a solution that was 86% her choice. He has an eye for the idiosyncratic, so much so that you wonder where you are sometimes in a Bermuda Triangle between sincerity, absurdity and irony.

In the same way as he lilts, “Woah woah, this train has mad flow,” on ‘Subway System’, Jimothy has a subtle but irresistible force to his bars. They will coerce you past any initial ‘WTF’ moment, as will the ‘dirty bass’ mentioned at the start of the ‘Getting Busy’ video.

The actual Lacoste recently ran an ad campaign with the slogan, “Life is a beautiful sport.” A millennial Mike Skinner, a John Shuttleworth for the YouTube generation, Jimothy Lacoste splendidly embodies this spirit.

See the video for ‘Fashion’ here: