25th April | St George’s

Joan Wasser, better known as Joan As Police Woman, has many a feather in her cap.  Before churning out beautiful blue-eyed soul albums under her current moniker, she built up a pretty mind-blowing list of collaborations as a touring vocalist and violinist. From lending some silky strings to Anthony and the Johnsons, to touring with Lou Reed, she seems to have found herself rubbing shoulders with the greats at many points in her career.

Her latest album, Damned Devotion, seems to have been a bit of a risk for Wasser. In response to middling reviews, she has strayed from white-bread Americana into much sultrier territory. It feels like a watershed moment for the veteran musician, and critics have responded with resounding approval.

Her Bristol gig is part of a European tour that will carry her through until festival dates in the summer. She has chosen an interesting but fitting venue in the form of St George’s. A converted church, St George’s is more commonly the home of classical and folk gigs. This set-up will be sure to foreground Wasser’s lyricism and emotional intensity in material from an album that finds its strengths in the tenderness of vulnerability.

See the video for ‘Tell Me’ here: