Whilst most festivals are gearing themselves up for their weekend of fun, Bristol’s multi-venue extravaganza Simple Things is still keeping everything very much under wraps. Although, as it’s a good few months away, I can see why they’re in no hurry.

The organisers have teased who will be playing the grand finale of this years festival. And let me tell you, it’s not who you’d expect.

Never the kind of festival to just get the standard acts, today they announced that the final act of their 2016 festival will be John Carpenter, famous horror film score composer. Yes that’s right, John Carpenter, famous horror film score composer. A man whose job is making music that scares you shitless.

Carpenter will be bringing the music from films he has composed for, including Assault on Precinct 13, Halloween and The Fog, as well as new material from his Lost Themes album series to the Colston Hall on the 23rd October. It’ll be part of his first ever European tour and will be the perfect/most terrifying ending to this year’s festival.

The event will require a separate ticket to the main festival, but will be completely worth it. Expect some announcements about the festival’s main line up soon.

Check out ‘Night’ right here: