19th October | Mother’s Ruin

When considering the incendiary, pulsating rush of noise that London duo John are able to create, it may seem strange to define them as pure. Their work is, of course, turbulent and pretty unflinching, yet with the way in which they craft their sound, with such direction and instinctual fervour, it rapidly becomes apparent how forward-facing and piercingly sharp they are.

Their raucous and highly-underrated debut, God Speed In The National Limit, fears nothing but its own descent into the vapid modernism which we have allowed ourselves to become addicted to. The pair were motivated to create a distinctly focused record, channelling the antagonism of technology’s dictatorship of social conventions, and the obsession with isolation even when someone is starved of emotional connection.

A year on from its release, Breakfast Records are to give the album a special re-packaging, and an anniversary show is taking place this Friday in the sweaty confines of Mother’s Ruin to celebrate. As they set off and prospectively reach new heights with IDLES in Europe shortly after, this show is perhaps another marking point for the band, an intense performance buoyed by such an intimate setting is one which should not be missed.

Listen to ‘Ghost Printer’ here: