4th August | Café Kino

To attach your name directly to your music takes a certain type. Mostly, when we think of singer/songwriters, images of marketable young faces spring to mind, carefully crafted in an effort to insinuate that this could easily be you. London-based John Myrtle seems to be well aware of this trope and, with a hint of sarcasm, plasters a goofy portrait of his face across the cover of his debut EP Here’s John Myrtle.

Soaked in a decidedly 60s sense of psychedelia, the pillars of Myrtle’s sound seem to stand somewhere between Mac DeMarco and Mild High Club, summery and delicate with a palpable personality. Dry snares wisp beyond meandering passages of guitar that surely found their birth in an ode to George Harrison’s eternally positive sensibilities of both emotion and self. The purely DIY aesthetic that encapsulates this record gifts these cuts with a distinct charm and warmth without ever sounding under produced. In fact, the close-mic-ed and present recording techniques found within deserve their own appreciation.

Unsurprisingly signed to the quirky, Lancaster-based Bingo Records, it would seem Myrtle has discovered a comfortable and supportive home for his work that has allowed him to produce a truly impressive debut. This must be the case, as August sees the musician trek across the country in support of his efforts. If it’s good enough for BBC6 Music, it’s probably worth at least a peek right?

Listen to ‘How Can You Tell If You Love Her’ here: