9th July | Louisiana

Based in Oxford, Swedish singer-songwriter Julia Meijer will bring her atmospheric, multilingual brand of folk-pop to The Louisiana this Tuesday. The artist will be celebrating the launch of her debut album, Always Awake, hot off the press having only been released by her local label Pin-Drop Records just this week. Conjuring anticipation amongst her following, Meijer released her second single of the year, ‘En Liten Fagel’ towards the end of last month. The track is hauntingly heavy, carrying an eerie sound akin to Ben Howard’s Burgh Island EP, with her work also being stylistically compared to artists such as Sigur Rós and The Cocteau Twins.

Julia’s beautifully composed tracks often incorporate linguistic blends, and her capacity to write skillfully in both English and her native tongue makes her an incredibly exciting artist to follow. Over the last few years, Meijer’s releases, including ‘Fall into Place’ and ‘Train Ticket’, have been somewhat few and far between. However, combined with the glowing critical reception of her work thus far, this should be seen more as a refreshing demonstration of the way in which Julia prioritises quality over quantity. From the artist’s show on Tuesday, we can expect from her a uniquely intimate experience, as her immersive sound should lend itself perfectly to the cosy venue.

See the video for ‘Fall Into Place’ here: