Each month we’ll bring you three of the freshest acts to catch our ears. Headed by New Music Editor Christian Northwood, check out what’s been spinning on the Bristol Live Magazine stereo for the month of July.

Saudade Sisters

Music can often seem so fleeting. Songs disappear almost as fast as they flourish, leaving only half memories left in the heads of those who listened. The debut EP from duo Saudade Sisters, Wrong Ones, defies this. The project was born not from the intense heat of individuals spending every second together, but instead the gulf between joint vocalist and musicians Jena Pyle and Claire Morales. Wrong Ones took shape after Pyle moved to Seattle from Dallas, meaning the pair were a couple of thousand miles apart.

Over the next year and a half they traded snapshots of songs; intricate, delicate compositions that seep the southern heart of Texas and DIY sensibilities of Seattle. Pyle and Morales’ vocals pair perfectly, one dramatic and soulful, the other ethereal and ambient. The standout track, ‘Where You Are’, blends the pair’s voices over a simple 50s-style pop song, albeit one that you can imagine being performed on the stage at the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks. The rest of the EP is just as wonderful and captivating, and is out now via Sports Day Records.

Harvey Causon

Hailing from Bristol, Harvey Causon’s voice is the first thing that hits you; hurt beyond his years, it possesses a deep, emotive quality that few ever master. Combined with his soft, glitching electronica, it’s clear that Harvey is a pop talent blossoming slowly. His first EP, Introspect is bursting with raw ideas, swinging from tender guitar songs like the dulcet, tender tones of ‘Systems’ to pulsating, ambient R&B on intro track ‘Alliance’. The record is an established introduction to an artist falling into his groove; who knows how big he could be when he locks into it.

San. Marlo

The summer months demand a certain kind of music. In winter you may be content with brooding post-punk, maybe some spacey R&B, or even sludgy grunge to pair with a thick blanket and a hot cup of tea, but summer needs a lighter touch, perfect for swigging cans with your pals. Thankfully, Bournemouth four-piece San. Marlo have got it covered – the band’s brand of shimmering, sunkissed guitars and joyous choruses will provide the perfect soundtrack to those light evenings . Get to grips with the four-piece’s stellar debut EP Un now while the sun is still out.