K.Flay | Live Review & Photoset

2nd March | Thekla

Photos: Laure Noverraz

So here we go – another night walking the streets of Bristol, gently wrapped in a lovely layer of snow, just to remind you that the elements are almighty. Bristol looks and sounds like a ghost town, and blessed are the ones braving those few inches of white powder to head to Thekla. They said only 50% of people who had actually bought a ticket would head to the venues during the snowstorm, well the audience that made it to Thekla tonight was as hardcore as Minor Threat.

Those present proudly wore their K.Flay shirts. The people glued to the front row were as enthusiastic as you’d expect. It’s hard to imagine Thekla not being full, but a full room there will be for K.Flay (at least we hope, in the near future!), as the 32-year-old singer richly deserves the following she has earned. On a creative high right now, she recently recorded the Tomb Raider¬†soundtrack, as well as supporting Imagine Dragons on their winter tour. This date was kind of a warm-up for her, as she was playing with Imagine Dragons in Manchester the day after.

It seems like this emerging artist is in a transitional stage of her career: as well as playing many ‘old’ songs that made her famous on the Internet like ‘FML’ and ‘Make Me Fade’, she also takes some pleasure in singing more recent tracks from her debut Everywhere is Some Where, like ‘High Enough’ and the global banger, ‘Blood In The Cut’. She almost makes fun of it as well, kindly explaining that, “most of [her] songs are from a better era… the one where Donald Trump wasn’t president!” and asking for the audience to shout, “Fuck Trump!” on repeat, before the American singer kindly asks them to move to and repopulate America.

Overall, K.Flay might not have had the chance to win new fans over on this cold winter’s day in Bristol, but she has, for sure, cemented her fan base. What’s more, she has left everybody with a smile on their face, grateful to be a part of this big family we call music.