18th October | Bristol Planetarium

Ethereal and transcendental, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s ambient electronica evokes a kind of swirling, dreamlike soundscape, lending itself perfectly to the setting of Bristol’s Planetarium as part of the Simple Things EXT sessions ahead of the weekend’s musical festivities.

As everyone settles into their seats in this intimate space, pastel rainbow shades illuminating the ceiling, there is a sense of great tranquillity that spreads throughout the auditorium. The initial rippling tones and bubbling beats that Smith sends out across the room are accompanied by a spherical, red shape that weaves its way around the dome of the Planetarium, growing and evolving with the layers of instrumental samples and dreamy, hushed sounds that Smith creates.

Echoing Smith’s shimmering compositions, prisms of colour dance overhead and her warm, dulcet vocals fuse with the visuals to form an all absorbing sensory haze. The influence of nature on the sounds that Smith sculpts has always been a significant component to her music and tonight the visuals mirror this, with flame-like beams of colour accompanying ‘Where I Grow’, and imagery suggesting dappled light bursting through the trees swaying in time with the sonic oscillations.

The performance reaches its most spellbindingly immersive zenith as the Planetarium fills, gradually, with a swirling, star-studded cosmic landscape, utterly befitting of the multi-talented composer’s sublime electronic arrangements. Without doubt all those lucky enough to have witnessed this magical audio-visual display are left in an awe-filled reverie, reluctant to leave behind the soothing, otherworldly ambience that lingers even after the last notes have faded out.

Watch Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s video for ‘Sundry’ below.