Kate Stapley // Photoset

16th March | St George’s

It’s nice to get the chance to sit and chat,Kate Stapley admits within the opening minutes of joining presenter Harriet Robinson as the first guest in a new series of intimate sessions at St George’s Bristol. The songwriter has been busy at work on her first full-length record – ‘Precious Cargo’ – for several months before bringing it to the elongated glass room hidden within the vast concert hall. Today, for the first time, she rewards the rather large crowd in attendance with the first full listen of the anticipated album.

As Stapley precedes her songs with touching and at times hilarious stories of how the ideas first came to be, it shows her natural ebullience but also her unflinching desire to immerse herself within her music. The set bustles with exasperating energy as she explores with flitting chords, her voice tempered as she enunciates and draws with immediate power.

The session is a comfortable and inclusive experience , fitting the overall atmosphere of Stapley’s music and the whole aesthetic of what St George’s are attempting to achieve.

See Kate Stapley play ‘Potted History of Mum’ live here: