22nd August | Official Beyond Retro UK

I first saw Kate Stapley perform on Bristol in Stereo’s stage at the Colston Hall All-Dayer back in April. I caught sight of Big Jeff leaning back on a chair with his feet up on the stage; an unusually restful demeanour for him could only reflect the hypnotic powers of Kate’s tunes. It dragged me into an instant trance too, laced with her stirring and assured vocals.

It’s been said her lyrics are, “Wise beyond her years.”  But I’d question at what age a musician is expected to express themselves eloquently? Maybe, Kate’s just got it. She doesn’t try to cram ‘it’ into the typical pop song formula of approximately three minutes either. Most of her tunes last more than four minutes on her 2018 EP, Centella. As she questions herself, “Do we really need to sacrifice our art? These planets, they’ve planned it.” She’s intimated that she’s working on some new stuff too, so I’m holding tight for some unexpected goodies at the gig.

Maybe the ‘it’ is her old-school, rock and roll coolness, or her effortlessly dreamy folky voice. But I sure as hell think we all need to be a part of it. Along with the backing of Bristol’s very own Breakfast Records, let’s get her out of the day job and sharing her infatuating ‘it’ with the world, full-time.

See Kate perform ‘Trembling’ live here:

Kate Stapley – Trembling | Nowhere Sessions – Ep5 from Paul D. Scott on Vimeo.