Keir | Live Review & Photoset

25th April | Louisiana

Photos: Ania Shrimpton (see more of Ania’s work here)

For someone who is so full of energy and passion on stage, twenty-three-year-old singer-songwriter, Keir was incredibly humble and shy whenever he thanked the sold-out audience that packed The Louisiana on Wednesday night for his homecoming Bristol gig. An extremely animated 45-minute set was delivered with so much gusto, it was impossible to tear your eyes away from this five-piece band; they complimented each other 100% and were incredibly slick throughout all of their high-powered performance.

Keir burst into action with his song ‘Probably’ just after 9.30pm, which is crammed with intensely private lyrics such as, “stirring up that feeling, trapped inside myself…the reckless road inside my head takes a hold on me.” The crowd joined in at one point and sang out loud, “There’s a remedy” at the exact right moment, which made everyone including Keir laugh. He appeared so happy to be performing, smiling a wide grin at the end of every song and telling us in soft tones how grateful he is to everyone who is supporting him on his musical journey.

The assembly of gig-goers clearly included several loyal fans, who shouted out statements such as, “We love you! You’re so beautiful!” There’s no surprise to be had whatsoever that they were pumped up and feeding off Keir’s infectiously-frenzied stage presence. He’s just so into what he is doing, excited and exciting.

Then when he went on to sing ‘You Will Never Feel the Same’ as his third song of the night – you could believe that message. But it was when they got to the fifth track of the night, ‘Sadboy’ that the level of excitement from everyone cranked up to the highest notch. This hit got every single person moving; we were delighted to hear that it was being released as of midnight that night.

‘I Don’t Need Anybody Else’ is the song we got three tracks before the end of the gig. This had all the trappings of a proper anthem that will stand the test of time; again the audience sang lyrics back at him without any prompt. It’s so easy to see why Keir first caught the eye of critics after performing live for BBC Introducing at Maida Vale in January 2017.

Keir’s naturally sweet nature was evident as he dedicated a song to his mum which drew a collective, “Awwww” and as he came to the final song of the evening, ‘Squeeze me’ there wasn’t one person in the room that didn’t have a look of satisfaction and joy plastered across their face. Keir is going places; he’s already selling out shows and causing excitement wherever he performs. It’s a case of ‘watch this space’ with this artist. There’s no doubt that if he keeps giving it as much as he currently does now, the big time beckons.