12th November | Thekla

Now medical professionals are recommending that gigs should be prescribed by the NHS, as covered in this week’s news, we thought we’d offer some of our own considered advice.

If you’re feeling a little introspective following a heavy weekend, a trip down to Thekla may be the cure this Monday. A multi-faceted musician a with strong sense of autonomy, there is a meditative aspect to Kelly Lee Owens as a performer and in the music she produces.

It would be easy to haphazardly describe Owens’ music as ‘ethereal techno-pop’, or reduce it with some other half-baked label. However it feels more like the product of a process, not something that can be adequately pinned down outside the map of influences and experiences charted on her self-produced, self-titled debut album.

Owens was an auxiliary nurse on a Manchester cancer ward before being influenced by the advice of her patients to move down to London and pursue her dreams a few years ago. She soon started working at Pure Groove records where she encountered Daniel Avery, Ghost Culture and Errol Alkan, contributing vocals to Avery’s album, Drone Logic in 2013.

Since that move, Owens has developed a unique sound around her own interests. Early release, ‘Arthur’, was a tribute to the late Arthur Russell, an artist Owens cites alongside Björk as a major influence on her approach. ‘Lucid’ and the Jenny-Hval-featuring ‘Anxi’ are other highlights from her debut worth sampling ahead of what will be one of this week’s more intriguing gigs.

See the video to ‘Anxi’ here: