Klein doesn’t take herself too seriously. Raised between Los Angeles and South London, her music is as perplexing as it is fascinating, teasing the listener’s ears with the kind of output that never sits still, prodding the senses from every angle. Citing influences from her “long-lost sister” Brandy to Kim Burrell and Jeremy Storch, Klein’s music may be experimentally enticing but it’s her candid view of the world that ultimately draws you in. Releasing album ONLY back in February, she says the record sums up “a breakdown” of herself and her “inability to calm the fuck down.”

“Thinking back to what the hell was going through my head when I was making it is jokes,” she continues. “It’s literally me reimagining all the boys I want to kiss, all the boys I want to punch and drifting between hating myself and realising I’m awesome.” Writing for Klein usually begins after watching Love and Hip Hop or The Real Housewives of Atlanta, with her explaining, “I usually get gassed by their storylines and then realise I’m every character; then I get emotional and start writing.”

Where music of this kind often struggles to find a home, Bristol’s Howling Owl has taken Klein in with open arms, releasing the album via a heart-shaped, diamante encrusted USB. “Howling Owl are basically family so it was only natural to release ONLY with them,” she enthuses.

With the release of her recent Bond EP – a dance-heavy reimagining of Bond songs with Disney lyrics – Klein has also set her sights on some pretty big milestones for the rest of the year. “Invest in a steady 26inch Brazilian lace wig, make some more music and go on tour, man,” she says. “I want to do more all-ages shows, make some dollar and get outta the hood.”

Catch Klein supporting Eartheater at The Cube on Friday 24th June.

Check out ‘Hello’ ft Jacob Samuel right here: