18th March | Fleece

American jazz virtuoso duo, Knower will be tearing The Fleece apart this weekend. Their rooted jazz sound and experimental techno-funk fusion is refreshing and transcendental. Genevieve Artadi and Louis Cole have been going from strength to strength since their 2009 debut, having recently opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and even contributing to Thundercat’s groundbreaking album Drunk. Am I missing someone? Oh yeah, they recorded with Snarky Puppy too. No big deal.

Interstellar tunes such as ‘Dreaming on Forever’ and ‘Overtime’ are the pure definition of sensory overload and tingling goodness. I can almost visualise space. Almost. The symphonic genius of ‘More Than Just Another Try’ is a harmonic wonderland with echoes of Jacob Collier thrown into the mix. Knower’s back catalogue is vastly inspired by jazz, however there are clear undercurrents of punchy electronica, which are psychedelically stunning.

They’ve picked the right time to come to Bristol, as it just so happens to be the Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival. Knower will be the culmination of the weekend, so be sure to grab a ticket. They’ll be playing at The Fleece with a full band and it’s set to be mind-blowing. Get ready for a cosmic experience.

See Knower perform ‘Overtime’ live in session here: