January 29th | Trinity

Guitar solos jitter. Saxophones powerfully rise. A binding sense of jubilant self-expression is unleashed. For London based Afrobeat act, Kokoroko, are a force to be reckoned with. They combine earth-quaking West African rhythms with a tender and soothing brace. Their musical concoction of jazz and afrobeat can be fiery – a maelstrom of left-field turns and darting horns. It can also appear utterly arresting and spiritually engaged. From the pulsating and fantastic, horn-fuelled ‘Adwa’ to the laid-back meditative rhythms of ‘Abusey Junction’, Kokoroko offer a musical blend so unique and exciting.

The eight-piece band hail from South London, a thriving and vibrant area for the UK’s growing jazz scene. The act are yet another spectacular offering akin to the likes of Nerija and Steam Down. Kokoroko combine the jostling atmosphere of South London urban high-rise with a distinct West African heritage. The band’s Nigerian name translates to ‘Be Strong’ – a character that is channelled throughout every inch of their music. The band are also a celebration of West African history and defiance, presented by the stories of political and colonial struggle they articulate through their infectious Afrobeat compositions.

With their dazzling blend of jazz-infused flair and soulful rhythms, Kokoroko are sure to take Bristol’s Trinity Centre by absolute storm. Expect joyful dancing, expressive musical cacophonies and a binding sense of community.

See ‘Abusey Junction’ live in Brownswood Basement here: