Kyla La Grange | Preview


After a year of virtual silence Kyla La Grange has returned to the radio waves and will also be returning to Bristol this month. Kyla, a 28 year old singer-songwriter from Watford, is often compared to artists such as Florence Welch and Kate Bush for both vocal flare and stage performance.

Her first Album ‘Ashes’, was released in the summer of 2012 – an amalgamation of ‘folksy’ indie-pop, guitar-backed harmonies and emotionally dramatic lyrics. Kyla admits that writing had always been a coping method, and that writing ‘Ashes’ was no different. One of the favourite tracks, ‘Vampire Smile’ is also one of the oldest; having been written when Kyla was in Cambridge University and only 19 years old. Kyla’s husky voice works perfectly with the acoustic timbre, and coupled with the dark, gothic lyrics, it definitely gets stuck in your head.

Kyla’s most recent album, ‘Cut Your Teeth’ (released on June 2nd 2014), maintains its dark lyrical content but carries it with a minimalistic, electronic vibe, which whilst being miles away from her first album, suites her voice down to the ground. This influence comes from producer Jakwob, who worked on the majority of the album alongside Kyla, transforming her Garageband sessions with new sounds and genres that she had previously left unexplored. The two singles Kyla released prior to her album were the title track, ‘Cut your Teeth’ and also ‘The Knife’, both of which have received positive attention including a remix of the title track by Kygo, which has attracted numerous online views and fresh fans to Kyla’s new sound.

Tracks to listen out for include ‘Cannibals’ (which Kyla has named as her favourite track on the album), ‘Maia’, and ‘Never That Young’- each their own intricately intimate and heart-wrenching story.

Personally, I am excited to see what Kyla does with this new sound, and how she portrays it in a live medium. As a fan of her recent album, I would recommend the upcoming show to fans of Banks, Indiana, Foxes and Broods.

Check out ‘Cut Your Teeth’ right here: