7th February | The Marble Factory

A microphone embezzled in a curly strip of fairy lights, from the start Ladyhawke commanded the stage with old classics and new hits. Mainly consisting of tunes from her latest album Wild Things, she raced through a spellbinding set. Speaking of which, ‘Magic’ was enchanting as ever, this debut highlight was brutally broody with storming drums and epic synths to create the perfect pop soundscape. 

Her comeback single ‘Sweet Fascination’ was ethereal and beguiling, her sultry vocal guided this new age gem. With an aching serenade of “you sold your heart to me” it appeared urgent and intriguing, a stuttering ska-style beat led this into new territory. 

Her sunshine yellow electric guitar was a welcome staple on the second half of the set, sprinkling that extra bit of spice into the 80’s style bleeps of ‘Another Runaway’ and the tantalisingly juicy story that ‘Manipulating Woman’ forged with cutting conviction. 

Ladyhawke was just as confident and assured, with ‘This is Love’ a corker which is right for the Valentine’s Day couples who are in easing into another year, or the new romantics finding their feet. And how could we leave out the trusty tambourine showcase in new album cut ‘Let it Roll’?

But ‘Paris is Burning’ set her up, the 80’s influence on this track is undeniable. Of course the name of this old song now seems a little sensitive, but diving into her love letter to the city of lights headfirst it is affectionate and relatable as ever bringing in claps and serenades of the chorus while she enjoyed a rock around the stage. To see more of this would have been nice, her stance seemed to be verging on uncomfortable at times which is surprising given the many times she has played in Bristol. 

‘My Delirium’ was no doubt the most upbeat moment, this show would have been incomplete without this hit single to mark the occasion. At the end of the night after hearing an unexpected selection of songs, one thing is certainly clear. Pop and rock is a very fine line, but Ladyhawke crosses it in an effortless fashion.

Check out the classic ‘My Delirium’ below.