We’ve been waiting with bated breath for Langkamer’s debut self-titled EP to finally be in our grubby little hands, but when we heard a few weeks ago that they were still recording bits of it, we were worried we might not hear it anytime soon. Luckily they’re swift workers, and have gifted us with new track ‘The Earthquake’ to share with you to show just how great the EP is.

We also thought we’d have a chat with Josh (vocals/drums) from the band to find out all about the EP:

We know that some of you have been working together as Breakfast Records or in other bands for a while, but how did Langkamer come together?

Me and Ben (vocals/organ/guitar) had been talking for years and years about how much we love old roots rock stuff like Creedence and The Band. Then we were jamming with Joe from Milos Planes and we wrote the very Americana-style song, ‘The Earthquake’, and Langkamer just all sort of came out of that. We got Dan (guitar) on board because we knew he was real good at slide guitar, and as soon as we started playing with him the whole project took on this incredible new form. It’s a shame that Joe didn’t end up in the group but at least he’s usually at the front shouting the lyrics back at us.

Your songs have a dusky, almost country vibe at times. Where and when did you write the songs?

I’ve tried to take a bit more of a narrative-based approach with songwriting for Langkamer, as I guess is fitting with country music. Some of the stories told in the songs are from years and years ago. It feels to me like some of the best art only accesses emotion retrospectively. I’m inspired in a big way by the Mountain Goats, and their stuff is almost always written about stuff that’s happened to John decades and decades ago. That makes sense to me. Time to process what’s happened.

What was the writing process like?

Me not really knowing how to play any instruments means it’s intrinsically going to be more collaborative. I usually bring lyrics and vocal melodies to the table, then we all sit down and work out the rest of the song around that. It feels like we’ve got the balance right. More often than not what Dan, Ben and Harry come up with means the song ends up sounding totally different to how I’d imagined.

If you had to pick one thing that’s influenced the record what would it be?

Probably the cassette collections of our respective dads.

Having only recently finished recording the EP, why did you want to get it out into the world so soon?

We started the recording process way back in March with Dom at the Malthouse Studio. We had some extra vocal and percussion bits we wanted to add over the top, which we would record in Ben’s bedroom, but being busy with other Breakfast projects meant our own EP kept getting pushed back to the bottom of our to-do list. Mad to have only finished recording it two weeks before it was due to be released, but Tim (Rowing-Parker) and Stef (Hambrook) did an amazing job mixing it and mastering it in time for us to get it out. Let’s just see if the CDs arrive in time!

What are you doing to celebrate its release?

We’ve got a free entry show at the White Rabbit on Friday 13th with local acts Kate Stapley and Vinegar. We’ve also got the phenomenal Blackaby coming over from London. We played with them there recently and they blew our minds. We’re real stoked.

Well looks like we know where we’re spending our Friday then. Thanks Josh!