23rd October | Exchange

For those who made the drizzly commute to Old Market the other night, you’d know it was definitely worth venturing out in the cold for, beginning with Breakfast Record’s celestial superstar, Emily Isherwood.

If you’ve been following Emily Isherwood since the dawn of her previous project, Nugget, you’ll know that, having released her debut album earlier this year, things haven’t been slowing down for her. She recently played at Breakfest on the newly-renovated upstairs section in Thekla. It was a short slot of only 30 minutes, which ended far too quickly.  Performing an arsenal of tunes from said release, she woos the crowd with her raspy ballads and vivid songwriting. If you’re a fan of glistening guitars and woozy vocals, you should definitely give her latest release a listen.

The backdrop for tonight’s show isn’t far short of something you’d see at a circus. A pink inflatable sphere is synonymous with Laura Misch. Ingrained in her branding, she was even selling prints at the end of the night which featured said sphere. Her synths are decorated with shards of mirrors and everything seems very DIY. The sound is far from anything that you’d associate with DIY.

It’s the last leg of her UK tour and Laura is over the moon (or sphere), constantly giggling between songs and beaming with happiness. She is cool, down-to-earth and totally adorable. “There have been a few technical difficulties, which have been changed, so I’m gonna improvise a lot.”

She opens up the show with a silky, improvised sax solo. Darting between each of her synth stations, tongue sticking out when concentration was needed, she whizzes through her back catalogue with ease. Laura paints cinematic scenes; the sax provides warmth whilst the synths provides textures and atmosphere. It is an all-encompassing beast.

The story-like aspect to her songs – in particular ‘Glass Shards’ – has the crowd reeling on every single word, wrapped around her little finger whilst she sings sweet nothings into her two microphones. Using them both to her full advantage, her microphones provide different effects. With such a tech-heavy set, it’s a given that something was to go awry. One of the mics cuts out before the grand vocal finale. Laura giggles, apologises and askes us if she can re-do the ending, “Because I just really like this song.” She then smiles. Her Dido-like voice blends smoothly with her synth runs, only adding more depth to her soundscapes.

Laura Misch is a phenomenal performer and a master of her craft.

See the video for ‘Lonely City (Part 1): Glass Shards’ here: