10th March | Louisiana

In our interview with Lazy Day‘s Tilly Scantlebury back in December, the London-based artist was practically giddy with excitement about what lay ahead for the group in 2018. Having spent years gradually refining their simmering lovelorn pop, Lazy Day made sure they didn’t have a quiet one last year, playing a very well-received set at Crofters Rights to a full capacity crowd. Now, having raced out the blocks with their blast of a new single, ‘Weird Cool’, Lazy Day are returning to Bristol for a highly-anticipated set at The Louisiana this Saturday.

What’s so great about Lazy Day is the way Tilly is unafraid to fully embrace her emotions and allow them to linger within the music. In one moment, she is stoutly resolute in delivery, and then vulnerable and frank in the next. A song like ‘Weird Cool’ is as liberating and emotionally accessible as it is damn fun to listen to. Live, this is explored in much the same way, with the four-piece riffing off something brash and animated, whilst ensuring the idiosyncrasies of Tilly’s lyricism remain the vocal point.

With No Violet joining in support, Saturday is sure to begin the next chapter for Lazy Day in what is going to be an even busier and more exciting year.

See the video for ‘Weird Cool’ here: