18th January | Crofters Rights

There’s something surprisingly lucid to Watusi, the brand new EP from Bournemouth trio, Leeches – their second with Bristol label, Leisure Records.

Upon first introduction you may be less inclined to agree: fumes from the colossally-distorted riffs that they deliver reach paramount proportions on ‘Stranger’, or the esoteric 10-minute dedication of early smash, ‘Bob Ross’. But with time, a real sense of conciseness lingers within their brutish and, in moments, improvisational sound. Live is where, as you can imagine, this truly comes to the fore. Their driven aesthetic expands into something well-rounded and even bolder.

Heading to The Crofters Rights this Thursday night, along with London psych-pop favourites The Dolce Vita and Bristol’s own wych elm, the night offers an eclectic mix of guitar pop. The Dolce Vita recently dabbled in another wickedly sardonic proclamation for new single ‘What Would Your Mother Say?’, a boisterous and assured venture. As for wych elm, their September double-single ‘School Shooter’ / ‘Bag of Worms’ brought subtle sleeper hits, lingering guitars pursuing Caitlyn Elliman’s slowly-enunciating croon as the duo explored with a hushed naïvety.

With Watusi, Leeches present themselves as a group with sheer animated energy and the songwriting ability to match; in a live setting they are sure to be in their element.

See Leeches play ‘Bob Ross’, live and in one take, at Frank’s grandparents’ house here: