13th April | Lantern

Let’s Eat Grandma should be the future of pop.

That’s quite the bold statement to make right? Why discount so many others or put so much pressure or acclaim on a group? Simply because Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth are unassumingly and effortlessly proving that they can craft some of the most expressive and compelling pop music that is currently available to us. If they are willing to be bold and shameless, then why can’t we?

In an age of Instagram fame and the importance of streaming, it’s all well and good making your return and effectively ensuring that you look the part. But if you can’t release something of substance that’s all null and void. This duo don’t need a branded image or garish attitudeĀ to demonstrate they have such captivating songwriting up their sleeves. The two recently-released singles since their return, ‘Hot Pink’ and ‘Falling Into Me,’ have cemented their homecoming, ready to tear up the rulebook and engage with the most interesting elements available to them.

Live, the spectral ambience they possessed upon the release of their first record will add another layer to their new work, allowing it to develop into something weightier and even more arresting at The Lantern. One of Britain’s most arresting propositions have the world at their feet. Don’t doubt they’ll make it theirs.

See the video for ‘Hot Pink’ here: