5th August | Louisiana

Look, the southern hemisphere may be mostly known for its enviable climate and array of deadly inhabitants, but it’s seen something of a golden era in recent years with regards to its musical output. From Connan Mockasin and Soft Hair to The Beths and of course The Chats, it would seem that something within that warm breeze has motioned to incubate a new wave of experimental and downright hooky jams. Lime Cordiale are born of this same breath. Originally formed on the northern beaches of Australia at the beginning of the decade, this surf-pop duo has released a string of impressive EPs culminating in their debut full-length Permanent Vacation in 2017.

Having been featured on the infamous Triple J Hot 100 last year at a respectable 86th position, the band chose to debut the first cut from their much-anticipated sophomore record on the same station in May. With an infectiously sunny disposition, ‘Inappropriate Behaviour’ sees the band manoeuvring their output into a similar space as The Drums with some beautiful additions of horn and harmony soaring above an inappropriately slick bass riff. It’s not hard to believe the hype with this one and with the summer we’ve enjoyed thus far, maybe a bit of breezy tonality can suck you away from the political turmoil on all channels and gift you with just a little taste of beaches and bops.

See the video for ‘Inappropriate Behaviour’ here: