11th October | St George’s

Nearly ten years ago, Iowa singer-songwriter, Lissie released her debut album, Catching a Tiger. It was an album that captured the whole spectrum of the fragility of human emotions. The haunting thoughts that come to us when dreaming inspired the track ‘In Sleep’; choosing the wrong partner sparked the charismatic ‘Stranger’ and ‘When I’m Alone’ is an unchained masterclass in heartbreak.

Her first album went on to be certified gold in the UK, selling 750,000 copies across the world. Stark comparisons were made, likening her to Martha Wainwright and Stevie Nicks. Then she came back with the remarkably different ‘Shameless’ which lamented “if you don’t know what my name is, so what?”

While that comeback single paved the way for the release of her second album, Back To Forever, Lissie retreated further from the limelight. Many musicians made a point of chasing the fame, but never Lissie. Perhaps now this is why she is choosing to re-tread her favourite tracks from over the years, but in scaled-down manner.

The Piano Retrospective tour sees Lissie taking pieces of her albums over the years and bringing the focus back to the music by stripping it bare. Taking away the additional flair and going it alone is a bold move, and one that will undoubtedly pay off for Lissie. If you want to catch this raw talent in action, check her out at St George’s on Friday 11th.

See the video for ‘Dreams’ here: