16th August | Canteen

If you made it outside last weekend, then I take my metaphorical hat off to you. It was monsoon-like weather throughout the entire city. If you managed to make it out for an event then double points to you. The Canteen was still a bustling metropolis full of Stokes Croft dwellers.

As expected, the tables and chairs had been relocated to the corner of the room, like timid wall-hugging teens at a Blue Light Disco. Smokers were taking refuge under what little gazebo space there was to have a quick smoke before being further stimulated by what Little Thief had to offer. I have seen every reincarnation of Little Thief – at least to my knowledge – and it had been a fair few months since I last saw them so I was keen to see what progress and material had manifested.

Little Thief probably have some of the best hair in the business, Rhii on drums and Charlie on vocals both have manes of thick curls, whilst Paul on bass has locks which could easily pass for a L’Oreal ad campaign. There was less bounce in the pretty sombre start to the nights proceedings with slow and slurred basslines and crackling drums. It was a little flat.

During the second song, though, Paul pulled out his hair bobble and began to live his Metallica fantasy, jumping from the amp and using whatever little space there was. I’m pretty certain he would’ve started a mosh pit had his guitar lead been longer. All the closet rock kids joined forces and began to headbang in the front row. Charlie dedicated a song to “the couple I heard fucking in the toilets earlier; this one is for them.”

I made a point to really listen to the lyrics. The same themes cropped up throughout the night, some of which read like a dystopian pantomime. Themes of ‘coming back alive’ and ‘blood on ceilings/gums’ and ‘beasts’ all became a little familiar by the end. I tried really badly tried to enjoy this gig but I think I’ve left my rock roots behind me; had there been a dash of something different added in, the show would’ve had more punch and diversity. but towards the end it all became a little samey.

In my three-year journey of following Little Thief, I couldn’t help but feel as though my love for them had dwindled. Maybe I’d changed. Maybe The Canteen just wasn’t the right venue for their mammoth drum sound. But I am certain that anyone looking for that ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll’ experience is bound to have their fill from these guys, that’s for sure.

See the video for ‘Me & My Monster’ here: