16th August | Canteen

I’m pretty certain I’ve seen every reincarnation of Little Thief, first as a duo playing at Mr. Wolf’s one sweaty night many moons ago. I also stumbled across them again at Boomtown a couple of years ago as part of The People’s Front Room, and more recently as a three-piece (now with the addition of Paul Hopkins of Ålesund on bass) at Crofters Rights. I am fully prepared and most excited to see their development, and if there are any surprise fourth members lurking in the sidelines this time round.

Little Thief are back in their stomping ground for a raucous night of harsh rock and an energetic ordeal. They’ve been likened to The White Stripes, The Black Keys and Queens Of The Stone Age and rightfully so: stomping drums from Rhii Williams and howling guitar (and vocals for that matter) from Charlie Fitzgerald offer a boisterous brew. Their latest release, ‘Bringing It Back’ simmers, jitters and swells, whilst ‘Me & My Monster’ is a fuzz-fuelled anthem. Expect to see lots of headbanging at The Canteen next week.

I’m well overdue a rock show with ripping solos and thumping bass lines; I’m more than confident that Little Thief will fill this gap in my life. I just hope that the tables and chairs will be firmly out of the way. Little Thief do have a history of throwing enigmatic bashes and the crowd will definitely join them on this journey.

See the video for ‘Bringing It Back’ here: