Cymbals Eat Guitars With Kill Cassidy | Live Review


I was quite looking forward to writing some rather bitter scathing words about Cymbals Eat Guitars after a very disappointing performance last June, and a undeserved level of hype since. Yes, please comment on my open-minded approach to music journalism.

However that review will have to wait for another day. Illness and misfortune led to me seeing the local support band headline another gig across town instead. When I say local support, please don’t confuse this with some derogatory term often to used to describe the act who’s only purpose is to make up numbers, Kill Cassidy are worth far more respect.

For a show organised only 7 hours before Kill Cassidy started their headline set, the venue was surprisingly cosy. From their opening track ‘The Mystery of 5102’ Tim Bailey’s falsetto perfectly mirrors the gracefully fragile guitar-scapes and heartbreaking crescendos. Highlights of the set include Animals, performed with such a passion it makes me worry for what the songwriter has lost, and their future debut single 14:11, which includes some beautiful harmonies which Grammatics (RIP) would be proud to call their own.

I think what makes Kill Cassidy potentially so exciting, is the rare combination of excellent pop song writing, with genuinely talented members. All too often the latest coaster of an album can offer enough hooks to keep you momentarily distracted, however the honesty and sincerity of Kill Cassidy will prove over the time just how great a band they are.

One final note is that I’ve never woken up humming a song I saw live 4 days before. Kill Cassidy’s set finale, ‘The Streets that brought us here’, should be listened to with with extreme caution, if I owned this track the rest of iTunes would rapidly become very jealous.
By Alexander Harrow.

Kill Cassidy’s debut single on Sugar Shack Records, 14:11, is available on the 18th of October as digital download and limited addition vinyl.

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