By Rebecca Senior

Jackals are a pretty new band on the Bristol music scene, only being together a matter of months, however they are definitely a band to watch. Having already played gigs around Bristol and even scoring a slot in a show in the elusive Camden, I’m predicting big things for these 4 young BIMM Bristol students.

Before the show kicked off, I caught Ben, the lead singer, cheekily swigging a dose of cough medicine for his “tickly throat”…very rock and roll. This didn’t seem to stop the little firecracker from rocking out and making the most of the tiny stage area available to him, although I did fear for the bassist’s life at one point, when Ben flew around so fiercely I was sure he would hit Courtney with the headstock of his guitar! Thankfully no first aid was needed as he missed him by about an inch.

The first track, “Jackals”, kicked the show off with a fantastic energy, instantly getting people bobbing their heads with the fast beat produced by James, reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club. It really got the whole audience in a party mood after a long sunny day in Bristol. It’s a hard life for a student isn’t it?

The tracks following teased you between moods, lowering the tone into an almost euphoric, spooky atmosphere with guitar effects and the, perhaps unintentional, raspy vocals delivered from Ben in “Thieves and Forgers”. Raising the mood again with an energetic cover of “Boys Don’t Cry”, keeping the audience on their toes. Each of the tracks, intertwined with the lead singer’s cheeky chappy-style banter with the audience, including “The world’s shortest song” entitled “Rock”, which was a single chord, teasing the audience, whilst pulling them into a joke at the same time.

As the set went on, more and more people entered the tiny room, raising the temperature as well as the atmosphere. The whole audience couldn’t help but move to the catchy beat and unique vocals provided by Ben and Owain. Considering that Jackals were competing with an older band, Endeavour, for the audience, with Endeavour playing in the main room at the same time, these little first years did surprisingly well for themselves.

If you enjoy listening to funky, electro-indie rock, with notes of Two Door Cinema Club, Foster The People, Bombay Bicycle Club and a touch of Stereophonics, Jackals are definitely the band to watch.

Check out Jackals at their next gig at The Croft on Friday 27rd July, and their Facebook page.

Members – Ben Saunders – lead vox and guitar, Courtney Bills – bass and vox, Owain Jones – guitar and vox, James Green – drums.

Track list – Jackals, Thieves and forgers, boys don’t cry (The Cure cover), The new one, Damaged goods (gang of four cover), confident in comfort, waiting is a game played for quitters