Miles Kane | Live Review

miles kane large live

Bristol awash with Fred Perry, brogues and Weller-cuts can only lean towards the fact that Miles Kane’s in town. Upon his third visit to the Academy within two years, the pints are fast flowing and tensions creeping as locals ‘The Family Rain’, jam out some blues-rock ahead of the main attraction. Following a summer of large-scale festivals and support appearances, Miles has clearly returned to his natural habitat of low-lit, lager smelling venues.

Swaggering onstage in a fitted leopardskin shirt to the blearing guitars of Oasis’ ‘Morning Glory’, the reaction is undeniable, people crave the mod revolution, and there’s but one man leading it. Kick-starting with a flurry of newies ‘Bombshells’, ‘You’re Gonna Get It’ and ‘Taking Over’ act as a pre-run stretch allowing the first few to get stuck in. Though If there were any holding back, numbers from debut album ‘Colour Of The Trap’ soon got the fully-fledged action going.

‘What you sayin’ Bristol?’ he smirks, then staggers the pace with slower buttery tracks, ‘My Fantasy’, and ‘Take The Night From Me’ which are bellowed back word for word. There’s always a tremendous sense of energy that follows Miles Kane into the room, though upon tonight’s visit it’s purely down to solo material and no covers. Well minus a cheeky ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ reprise which is wrangled into ‘Give Up’.

A pre-gig tweet from the man aptly sums up the peak moments…

Well they weren’t wrong, but is there any need for the spelling mistake Miles? All right we’ll forgive it because ‘Inhaler’ and ‘Come Closer’ as expected stoke the temperature again and we’re left shuffling out, ears ringing, feeling to have pinched every penny worth.

Watch Miles in his ‘Better Than That’ video, here: