Peace | Live Review


Words: Owain Jones

The Fleece, Bristol – 22nd April 2013

Birmingham seems like the place to be for up and coming indie bands in 2013, but tonight sees the band at the top of the pile, Peace, bring a bit of the action to Bristol. With the pressure of producing a successful debut album and being NME’s latest indie pin-ups hanging on their shoulders, I, along with the whole of the packed out Fleece were desperate to find out if they could live up to all the hype.

Peace take the stage to the delight of the dozens of teens waiting eagerly in anticipation. With lead singer Harrison dressed in what can only be described as a sailor’s outfit, they kick in to opener ‘Delicious’ and the crowd instantly erupts in to a sea of dancing bodies. Next up is recent single ‘Follow Baby’ which keeps the energy on a high and causes an overexcited teen’s head to collide painfully with one of the pillars scattered around the fleece. With another song comes the first guitar change for sing along anthem ‘Lovesick’ which Harrison videos with a phone stuck to the headstock of his guitar.

‘Waste of Paint’ transports us to late 80’s Manchester, while ‘Float Forever’ gives everyone a bit of a breather as we’re instructed to prepare for a slow dance. However, the rest is only momentary as ‘Higher than the Sun’ sends the energy level back up to a dizzying height with yet another huge chorus. ‘Toxic’ continues in the same fashion as the whole crowd bounce along and join in for a chorus of “All I gotta do, all I gotta do is forget you”. Proceedings are taken down a slightly more chilled out route with B-side ‘Scumbag’ followed by it’s A-side ‘Wraith’ which is one of the standout tracks of the night. Their 10 minute epic EP track ‘1998’ provides without a doubt the best moment of the evening as it grows and grows before coming to an abrupt halt leaving just enough time for Harrison to shout “Bristol!” at the adoring crowd before plunging in to a huge drop. The whole of the Fleece drops with them and descends in to madness for the remainder of the song. The set continues with another track off the EP, ‘California Daze’ before finally giving in to the crowd’s continuous demands for ‘Bloodshake’ to round off the set in spectacular fashion.

Having played B-sides, EP tracks and more or less the entirety of their debut album, Peace leave everyone happy and prove to any doubters that they can not only live up to the hype, but can take the album to another level on stage. The crowd filter out of The Fleece rather tired, sweaty and with the satisfying feeling they have just witnessed something special.