Tera Melos | Live Review

By Serena Cherry

Any band faced with the prospect of playing before the explosive Tera Melos could easily be forgiven for displaying the ‘we’re not worthy’ jitters. But this is not the case for Bristol’s loveliest indie-noise outfit ‘The Naturals‘; as the only thing that is phased on stage are the impeccably timed twin guitars, creating a trance like layer that sits well atop the bands elated wall of sound.

Simply put, they sound like Ride on ecstasy. Yet, beneath the bands crashing waves of distortion and their effect pedal mastery, lie mature, dynamic song structures which carry their set to new heights; and ensure every person in the room is engaged with their broad, bittersweet meanderings. With effortlessly endearing stage presence, The Naturals contrast quiet, Slint-esque, picked guitar against raucous choruses; and ultimately give us a lesson tonight on how to make every idea sound huge.

Wonky Sacramento trio Tera Melos receive a small heroes welcome as they take to the stage of The Fleece; and it is made clear that -whilst their unconventional song structures may prevent the band from mainstream popularity- those few that listen to Tera Melos really do love them for it. And so, the band treat the open-eared gathering to 45 minutes of sheer musical chaos, where exacerbated math rock meets jazz fusion, and occasionally makes a pit stop at a jangely indie chorus.

The most impressive thing about Tera Melos live is their seamless transitions between their tumbling, off-kilter rhythms which change every 30 seconds. It’s exhaustive in the best possible way, to witness a band bursting with so many unique ideas and executing them with such precision. With a set that veers between the jarring and the joyful, Tera Melos pound every ear in the building with their glassy-sounding guitars until they can take no more of their awkward genius. It is a rewarding live experience, for those who like their music baffling.