Big Thief // Preview

"The velvety quality of Big Thief brings you into a soft folky lull." Rose Parish looks forward to the visit of Big Thief to SWX.
Rosehip Teahouse

Rosehip Teahouse // Preview

"Don’t we just love it when we find a new gem at the beginning of their journey?" Amber-Ruth Watson previews Rosehip Teahouse at The Louisiana.

Gigs of the Week // 4th – 10th July

Much like gauntlets, your sister’s jeans, and big noses, Gigs of the Week has been passed down to a new, unsuspecting fool. Let’s go.
Brockley Forest

Brockley Forest // Live Review

"It was almost like watching a jam session." Rose Parish witnessed the energy- and joy-fuelled farewell show from Brockley Forest at The Louisiana.
Ritual Union

Gigs of the Week // 8th – 14th August

Not going to Boomtown? Me neither. Am I gutted? Sure. But have you seen the calibre of live music in the city this week? If ever...

Gigs of the Week // 12th-18th September

We are well and truly back into the touring season, friends. Rejoice in the quality of Bristol shows exemplified by this edition of Gigs of the Week.
Petrol Girls

Petrol Girls // Live Review

"The sheer intensity of their performance only amplified the importance of their message." Harriet Taylor reviews Petrol Girls at Exchange.
Sea Girls

Sea Girls // Live Review & Photoset

"Sea Girls' confidence enveloped the room from the moment they graced the stage." Kessie Bartlett and Philip Hiscocks review Sea Girls at The Fleece.
Bess Atwell

Bess Atwell // Photoset

"There's something gloriously ethereal and elemental about Bess' sound." Bess Atwell at The Louisiana - Photoset by Jessica Bartolini.

Honeyblood // Live Review

'"More guitar please? I want it to be bleeding in my ears," she demanded.' Oliver Evans reviews the Halloween-inspired Honeyblood at Thekla.