Photos: Paul Lippiatt

If you can remember LSTD, then you didn’t do it right.

While the weekender was packed to the brim with favorites new and old, you should still be piecing back together the debauchery and sunshine-fueled shenanigans that took place. Allow me to help you (for Saturday that is, Sunday was a total no-goer…)

After you turned your nose up at the over-priced programs (two quid!) you should’ve head straight for the bar. Well, one of the many dotted around Eastville Park. Although in an odd area, tucked away in some housing estate near Fishponds, the field was perfect for a modest Bristolian festival, loved by families and first-years alike.

It was odd to see pockets of toddlers on their bohemian parents’ shoulders mixing with some dodgy looking topless gadgies, but hey, each to their own.

After sunbathing to the soothing melodies of Jasper James on Cloud9 stage. It was nice to wander between acts and then hit up Maribou State on the Main Stage early Saturday afternoon, to prep for the mania that was to come. It seemed that the field was forever bustling with something new or exciting that you were missing.

You could rollerskate, get some artisan buttermilk chicken, rave away on a hidden stage, take selfies with tasteful graffiti, pay more than a drink to get one eye painted with glitter, or watch a fantastic dance show. I instead chose to get married and rave in an inflatable castle under foil bunting.

It was time to head back to the Main Stage to listen to an artist who’s name I vaguely recognised -Guernsey-born Mura Masa, with sickly sweet guest singer Bonzai. The familiar high-pitched jingles from House of Fraser/toothpaste adverts thus filled my ears. While house-party-friendly tunes like Firefly, and What If I Go pulsated from the stage, the most fun was the crowd. A bunch of people sharing glitter, head pieces and compliments galore was exhilarating.

To be honest, Mancunian four-piece Everything Everything whom followed did disappoint. With big electronic (and just plain weird numbers) Cough Cough, they did what they could to keep fans happy. But Jonathan Higgs’ voice was falsetto to the point I think my sunglasses we’re going to crack. Time to move on?

Next: the rave stage, Arcadia. It had caught my eye from the start, with its obscenely large and smoking totem poles. Plus it was a full circle, which left for fantastically trippy dancing. Welsh-born High Contrast, music producer and electronica DJ-extraordinaire, was one that will have created the best memories of the night. With fantastic covers of Adele, merged with his owns tunes like Remind Me was a drum n bass set like no other.

However, I didn’t know when he finished and Cycle with Dynamite MC begun as it was all just one smoky, sun-stroke stupor.┬áHot Chip? Ah yes, the band you pretended to listen to in sixth form. Really, he was a weird guy with odd choices in hats. Much like Everything Everything in that the classics were very much that.. I think more people were at the Arcadia stage or hyping up for the next day.

Overall, a fantastic, affordable festival that embodies what was great about Bristol: the people (and the obscene amount they party).