15th October | Trinity

Minimalism is the word for the aptly-titled Minnesotan trio, Low, who bring their haunting soundscapes and gorgeous harmonies to Trinity this Monday. Comprising husband and wife, guitarist Alan Sparhawk and drummer Mimi Parker, with bassist Steve Garrington, Low do things in a very sparse way, their country lilts and cinematic sound characterised by slow tempos and minimalist arrangements.

The vocal pairing of Sparhawk and Parker tops their music with a lovely, striking, resonance, described by one critic “…as chilling as anything that Gram and Emmylou ever conspired on – that’s not to say it’s country-tinged, just straight from the heart.”

Since their formation in 1993, Low have recorded twelve studio albums, the most recent being this year’s Double Negative, a bold and innovative exploration of sound, a warping of their art to produce a blurring of the edges of light and dark – and also a scowling and shell-shocked response to Trump’s America (the title is taken from one of Trump’s nonsensical quotes).

Expect the unexpected…

See the video to ‘Fly’ here: